Watch: What it Looks Like to Surf Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii

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Pipe is officially open for business.

Last week, a solid NW swell hit the Hawaiian islands and lit up Banzai Pipeline for the first time of the 20/21 season. Naturally, Jamie O’Brien and crew were chomping at the bit to document their season-opening session at Pipe on Jamie’s vlog.

The surfing starts at the 6:00 mark and as you’ll see, Pipe was pumping and JOB was psyched.

Mason Ho

This 12-Minute POV Video of Surfing and Hiking in Hawaii is Mesmerizing

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Field Tested: Fast Charge Power Bank by OtterBox

What it is:

This slim, sleek device is all you need to keep your phone charged in the field. Whether you’re out on the trails or just exploring a new city, the Fast Charge Power Bank by Otterbox frees you up from having to locate an outlet and makes sure you never miss an important message or lose the ability to snap a photo.

OtterBox charger
Authentic Asheville

Why we like it:

A lot of charging devices are clunky and heavy. Not this one. The unit we tested comes in at 240 grams (or about 8.4 ounces). In other words, it’s lighter than a can of beer. It’s also roughly the same size as most smartphones. (Pictured above with the Pixel 4). When we’re embarking on expeditions where every ounce matters and we need a device to deliver charge without a ton of weight, we’re reaching for this one every single time.

google pixel 4a

First Take: Google Pixel 4a

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OtterBox charger
Authentic Asheville

We also like the design. The thin gold band on the top of the power pack combined with its symmetrical shape (plus slightly grippy top and bottom) make it fun to hold. It looks equally good riding in a side pocket on your backpack, in the butt of your jeans, or on a picnic table at camp. Got butterfingers? No worries, this power bank is drop-protected. Gone are the days of coddling our tech. We expect our gear to take a few tumbles and keep on working. This one will do just that. Best part of all, it works with almost every phone on the market: Google, Apple, Samsung, LG, etc.

best portable charger

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OtterBox charger
Authentic Asheville


We’ve got two. Gripe Number One: Your closest friends and family will be tempted to ‘borrow’ your power pack and you may never see it again. Gripe Number Two: If you’re lucky enough to be able to hold onto it, you may be the one stuck doing all the navigating and picture-taking once everyone else’s phone has died. If you’re the present-exchanging sort, this is one of the best gifts you can give. Who doesn’t love a full battery?

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OtterBox Fast Charge charger
Authentic Asheville

Featured image otterbox trooper

Field Tested: OtterBox Trooper Soft Cooler

OtterBox answers the cooler call with the Trooper LT 30

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Watch: Drone’s Eye View of a Blistering MTB Run

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Drone flight has really become a godsend for cinematography––especially in the world of action sports. In the latest example of rad bike footage captured via drone, check out this edit.

Rider Jérôme Caroli laid down a blistering run at the Verbier Bikepark in Switzerland, all the while being buzzed by a drone. Whizzing through trees and only a few feet from Caroli’s head, it provides a unique perspective that only a drone (and experienced drone operator) can capture.

Bike Accessories

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Drew Smith on Chasing ‘Cheap Thrills’ and Becoming a Professional Adventure Photographer

If you’re a rock climber, or any sort of adventurer for that matter, chances are you’ve seen adventure photographer Drew Smith’s work. From the big walls of Yosemite to first ascents in Patagonia to ice climbs in Kyrgyzstan, the man has been everywhere. And he has the photos to prove it.

These days, you’re likely to find Smith’s work spread across the glossy pages of Patagonia’s beloved catalog or capturing the epic expeditions of The North Face athletes in remote corners of the world. Undeniably, he’s carved out his place as one of today’s most talented adventure photographers, thanks to his ability to keep up with elite climbers and document their exploits with breathtaking imagery.

Everglades National Park covers 1.5 million acres, the largest park in the Lower 48.

End of the Everglades?

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Having success at what many would consider a dream job—being paid to travel the world and take pictures—aspiring photographers often ask Smith for tips on how to establish themselves in the industry, to which he responds by laying out a relatively simple roadmap: “Take your camera everywhere and go on adventures all the time. That’s what I did,” he says. “It’s not like I was trying to become an adventure photographer. I just felt like I had to be one.”

Of course, his journey was a bit more complicated than that. Recently chronicled in the short film A Young Man’s Road, produced by Firestone Walker Brewing Co., the photographer’s career trajectory could be likened to that of a pinball, ricocheting left and right.

Car camping
Dylan Gordon/Firestone Walker

Smith grew up working on his family’s ranch in Montana, and after high school spent a summer fighting wildfires. Then he gave college a try for two weeks before deciding it wasn’t for him. He recalls, “A lot of people think that means you’ll do nothing with your life and I hated that. So I decided I would just do as many things as I possibly could and really live life.” And so, an itinerant lifestyle began.

Smith was soon collecting an assortment of experiences wherever life took him: commercial fishing in Alaska, teaching English in Ecuador, guiding outdoor education trips in California, operating a snowcat in Jackson Hole, search and rescue in Yosemite, and the list goes on. “I’d try a job, and if I didn’t feel a huge connection to it, I’d do it for a bit, then move on,” he says. Eventually, his brother, who had gone to school for photography, gave him an old camera and urged him to start documenting his travels.

Ryan Kempson

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It was when working in Jackson Hole one winter that Smith broke his back snowboarding and compressed seven vertebrae. Forced to stay put for the summer, he met a group of rock climbers while working at an outdoor gear shop that introduced him to their sport. When he realized it took less of a toll on his body while still allowing him to push his limits and get the same rush as snowboarding, he was instantly hooked. Soon, climbing became the focal point of Smith’s life on the road.

“Quite often, I’d be traveling around rock climbing and I wasn’t making money off of photos yet, so I’d go back to these jobs doing construction or whatever and beat the shit out of my body,” he says. “I’d do that for a little bit and I just wouldn’t be happy. I didn’t feel like my life was fulfilled, so I’d quit and go live on the road, rock climb, and take photos, and that felt good. I’d do that until I ran out of money, then I’d go back to those jobs.”

Drew Smith hiking
Dylan Gordon/Firestone Walker

After six years, he was still waiting for his breakout moment when he introduced his girlfriend to photography. Within a year, she was doing it professionally, which led to the realization that he simply wasn’t being proactive enough when it came to submitting his work. “I remember thinking if somebody really likes my stuff, that they’d approach me,” he says, “but it never happened that way.”

Upon landing a contact at Patagonia, he took a chance and sent in his best photos. “Then I got an email from the head editor,” Smith shares. “It was like ‘I really liked your submission. Please continue to submit and here is the info on how to request clothing.’ I got that email and started crying. I was like, ‘Holy shit! I’m going to make this work.’ ”

Captain Liz Clark is a surfer, sailor, and environmentalist

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Since then, it’s been a wild ride, tirelessly crossing the globe on assignments documenting the world’s best mountain athletes for top outdoor brands and publications. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has put his international travel plans on hold for the time being (expeditions to Pakistan and Norway were both recently canceled), yet his nomadic life continues in remote parts of the U.S. where he can climb and keep busy with work.

Looking back on how he arrived where he is today, Smith points out an essential component to his success: his parents. “They couldn’t support me with money,” he says, “but they gave me a lot of support with love and made me believe that I could do whatever I wanted to. I’m very fortunate to have that. My parents just let me be me and find my path.”

In fact, his father’s influence is present in A Young Man’s Road. The elder Smith wrote and plays the opening song as the photographer shares a quote that his father imparted upon him: “Make goosebumps last as long as you can, and take advantage of cheap thrills.”

This Canadian Surfer Rode 100 River Waves Worldwide to Promote Sustainable Inland Surfing

What does a glacier runoff in the Rocky Mountains, a canal in downtown Munich, and an uncharted river, deep in Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush mountains, all have in common? Aside from encompassing rich aquatic ecosystems, and hosting complex rapid systems, they were all surfed by Calgary-based expeditioner Jacob Kelly Quinlan on his worldly endeavor to surf 100 different river waves.

“It’s all about the adventure and dichotomy of surfing places that aren’t supposed to have waves,” said Quinlan. “I’ve surfed in corn fields, bottoms of dams, dessert irrigation canals, and isolated canyons.”


Everything You Need to Know to Get Into River Surfing

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Alongside German filmmaker Nico Walz, the duo spent the past decade hunting, surfing, and studying some of the world’s wildest inland waves with a few questions in mind: What sets superior river waves apart from the rest, and how can we make them more accessible?

As the co-founder of artificial wave-building company Surf Anywhere, Quinlan’s sense of adventure is driven by his desire to grow the sport and promote a sustainable approach to inland surfing for future generations.

“I want to turn my experiences into tools, so others can have the same opportunities I did—to be able to surf wherever they call home.”

Jacob Kelly Quinlan snook river surfing
Jacob Kelly Quinlan snook river surfing Britta Kokemor

Surf Is Where You Find It

Like the ocean, surf-able faces can be found in the wildest and most urban rivers. As water flows over a drop in a river bed, it gains speed and energy. When this energy faces any form of resistance, it creates an upstream standing wave. As gravity pulls upstream and water pushes downstream, a surfer can harness the energy of the river. The phenomenon was first documented in 1975 in Munich, Germany, but has become a trending sport in recent years.

Quinlan’s journey began in 2013 when his local river wave on the Kananaskis, outside of Calgary, was changing due to flooding—new waves emerged, and old waves disappeared. Nothing was permanent, and he knew these natural phenomenons needed to be documented. At this point, he’d surfed only 10 different river waves.

shane dorian

Big-Wave Legend Shane Dorian Talks Hunting, Surfing, Fatherhood, and More

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Later that year, Quinlan and a few friends ventured to British Columbia’s Skookumchuk Narrows to ride its famed tidal rapids. Twice daily, 750 billion liters of seawater rushes through the narrows between Sechelt and Jervis inlets, creating a standing wave that can reach two meters in height.

“The big, beautiful, glassy wave, had me in awe,” Quinlan says. I spent the day riding a world class wave, surrounded by the camaraderie of fellow surfers—it was a feeling I never found in ocean surfing. At this moment I realized there were beautiful waves everywhere.”

“That’s when the dream was born.”

Jacob Kelly Quinlan poses with local kids after surfing a river in Afghanistan
Jacob Kelly Quinlan poses with local kids after surfing a river in Afghanistan Nico Walz

Scoring Waves and Finding Beauty In Afghanistan’s Uncharted Waters

In the spring of 2018, Quinlan and Walz were presented an opportunity beyond their wildest dreams. They were invited to take part in a 10-day legendary expedition film project—led by Afghani surfer Afridun Amu—to find surfable waves and spread the joy of surfing in Afghanistan.

The crew landed in the capital city of Kabul, hired a security team, loaded surfboards and cameras into a pair of bulletproof Land Cruisers, and headed north into the mountains. They endured broken roads, sketchy rivers, temperature swings, and cultural differences in order to claim the title of being the first surfers ever to ride a wave in the country.

The expedition was labelled a “surf trip,” but the project was much larger than surfing itself. Walz was tasked with capturing the natural beauty of the Afghani countryside, and the untamed, adventurous spirit of the Afghan people—a job he claimed came easy.

kelly slater

Kelly Slater Announces Plan for Largest Wave Pool on the Planet in the Californi…

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“At first, I didn’t really understand the importance of the project,” said Quinlan. “It wasn’t until we surfed in front of a school one day. The pure stoke we saw in those kid’s faces—especially in a war torn country like Afghanistan—exceeded any feeling you could ever get from riding a wave.”

The power of surfing seemed to transcend and subside any East-West preconceptions and divides, bringing together two cultures over the joys of sport. “It was truly a life-changing experience,” Quinlan added.

No matter the medium, surfing is beautiful thing.

As Quinlan and Walz traveled the world, learning and connecting with different cultures and river wave communities, they learned about the true value of surfing.

Whether it be on a concrete, ocean, river, snow, or any other weird and wonderful type of wave, the act of surfing distracts us from the hustle and bustle of everyday life—teaching us to be 100 percent present the moment we stand on a board. It teaches us patience and adversity, and connects us to a rhythm that exceeds the scale of any human timeline.

ryan craig

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“Every time I’ve ever stepped foot in the water, I’ve exited in a much better mood,” said Quinlan. “Surfing makes my life better in so many different ways, and I know I’m not alone.”

Photo caption: Additionally, the social and environmental benefits of surfing are immeasurable. Boardsport communities foster concrete communities and lifelong friendships, while connecting users to the health and value of the environments in which we play.

Nitric oxide as a potential treatment for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus

Medical News Bulletin | Health News and Medical Research – Daily Medical News, Health News, Clinical Trials And Clinical Research, Medical Technology, Fitness And Nutrition News–In One Place

Researchers explore the potential antiviral effects of nitric oxide against the coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, scientists all over the world are racing to find a safe and effective vaccine or treatment. The speed and severity of the SARS-CoV-2 […]

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Watch: Pro MTB Rider’s Epic Flow Run at Whistler Bike Park

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Top-ranked Enduro World Series rider Jesse Melamed is a master of flow. To prove that point, let the video above serve as Exhibit A.

Last week, Melamed laid down a few hot laps during Closing Day at Whistler Bike Park. With a little bit of snow and whole lot of flow, the Whistler-native gave a proper send-off to his hometown bike park’s last day of the 2020 season.

Here’s what Melamed had to say about the ride: “2 weeks off the bike and we were all feeling a bit sketchy! Nothing like some primo dirt and the best jumps in the world to get back to though!”

Bernard Kerr.

Watch: Escaping Lockdown on London's Dreamy MTB Trails

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Diabetes and Hypoglycemia: The Best Approach For Preventive Care

Hands shaking, increased heartbeat, clamminess – no we’re not describing how it feels to be nervous. All these are common symptoms of hypoglycemia, or what we commonly know as low blood sugar. Low blood sugar is a part of life for those living with diabetes, and its mild variants are easily manageable.

Understanding about the processes that lead to a state of hypoglycemia, knowing what symptoms to watch out for and exactly how to handle it are all aspects that all diabetes patients and their caregivers should know about. 

Keep reading to know more hypoglycemia – it’s cause, symptoms and the best way to be prepared for it. 

What Happens In Your Body During Hypoglycemia?

Hypoglycemia as most of us know is a condition characterized by abnormally low levels of blood glucose in the body.  Since the brain uses glucose for performing its functions the symptoms include dizziness, blurred vision, headache and other neurological problems. The condition is most commonly seen in diabetes patients as a result of the high dosage of diabetes medication, especially insulin, or a drastic change in diet or exercise. This is because insulin and exercise can potentially lower blood glucose, while certain food can raise it.  

Outside of diabetes patients, hypoglycemia is only observed in certain people, such as those who have gastrointestinal surgery, pancreatic conditions, lack of certain hormones, severe alcoholism and/or liver diseases. 

Whatever the cause may be, the following are some symptoms that everyone should watch out for are poor coordination, weakness, fainting or convulsions, in addition to the earlier mentioned conditions. 

Spoon full of sugar and insulin


What You Can Do To Be Prepared For Hypoglycemia?

If you have experienced hypoglycemia in the past or is prone to it because one of the mentioned reasons, it’ll do well to always be prepared. In a large number of cases, immediately recognizing the symptoms of a hypoglycemia episode and consuming something sweet can help normalize your glucose levels. 

Hypoglycemia is largely preventable by keeping the following pointers in mind, and following through with executing them: 

  • Alcohol is a consumable that can lower blood glucose levels and hence requires close monitoring. Discussing the permitted quantity with your doctor during the consultation will help in this.

  • Paying close attention to your lifestyles such as meal timing, quantity, exercise type and duration can help regulate your blood glucose levels throughout the day. Following a regular and expert-guided lifestyle plan is the best option for this.

  • When your doctor recommends certain medications for you, ensure that you don’t adjust the dosage without consulting them first. An expert doctor can help you adjust it without experiencing hypoglycemia or any other complications.

  • Always make sure that you have friends or family members who are aware of your health status and any emergency steps that they need to take. The two most important factors in this regard are having your doctor’s contacts and something sweet on hand at all times. 

Diabetes in most people is largely manageable. All it requires is a little active participation from the patient’s side. The right treatment plan, a wholesome diet, a challenging yet sustainable workout routine are the corners stones of effective management. But even in such ideal scenarios, a patient being equipped with the above-mentioned pointers about hypoglycemia can help you sustain your further disease management. 


Phable is an innovative lifestyle disease management app simplifying life for patients & doctors through health monitoring and doctor intervention.

Download Phable Here!

Watch: Top Longboard Surfers Bring Soul To Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool

This article originally appeared on and was republished with permission.

Clips from the Surf Ranch typically follow a familiar formula: a surfer repeatedly mashes the lip before tucking into a pristine machine-groomed tube and finally capping off the ride with a massive aerial. It’s impressive, but predictable. So when the WSL announced they were planning on hosting a longboard contest in Lemoore, our interest was piqued.

After all, the pool could certainly use a bit more soul.

The event was billed as the Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic and all of the usual suspects showed up including Kassia Meador, Alex Knost, Justin Quintal and Joel Tudor. Swapping out aerials for noserides, the all-day contest showcased plenty of creative lines from both the men and women. Once the sun went down, the competition really heated up with the final rounds being held under the lights. Ultimately, Justin Quintal and Soleil Errico wound up taking the top spots at the inaugural event.

Check out all of the action at the video above.

A Case for the E-Bike Tour

If you’ve visited any major tourist destination in the last several years, chances are you’ve seen an electric bike tour zooming around. Maybe you’ve even been on one. Though the electric bike has been around a lot longer than most people realize (the earliest ones date back as far as the 1890s), in recent years the electric bike, or e-bike for short, has grown in popularity. So has the e-bike tour. There are plenty of reasons why using an e-bike will amplify your next travel experience as one of the most effective ways to cover ground and discover a place.


There are a thousand ways to explore a new city and get your bearings. Going for a run is an obvious favorite. But the e-bike tour gets the nod because of the workout, and the sheer ability to cover more ground. It hands-down beats a Segway tour or a bus tour where you most likely won’t even break a sweat. Though on an e-bike you can use the pedal-assist or throttle (some bikes have both), it’s still a bike and the choice of intensity level is yours.

urban e-bike tour
Courtesy Bay City Bike


In addition to getting a workout, the e-bike tour can also level the playing field for everyone in your group. It means that even those who don’t have a good fitness base can access the same ride as those who regularly spend time in the saddle. Jeanne Orellana of Bay City Bike says, “E-bikes can capture the person in the group that wouldn’t want to go, is in another age group or fitness capacity than their riding partners, or feels shy because they are not as ‘into’ riding as their peers.”

E-bikes on Trails

Forest Service Announces Plans to Expand E-Bike Access on Trails

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Local knowledge

The reason most of us take a tour, whether it’s on a boat, on foot, or on two wheels, is because we want to learn something new about the place we’re visiting. It makes us not only feel a connection to an area but also its people. Learning about the culture and history of a particular place is what helps it stand out from the rest of the places on the map. “We know that tourism is one of the strongest pillars of our local economy, but that it can also be a destructive force,” says Torin Kexel of The Flying Bike in Asheville, NC. “We want to help tourists understand the context of their visit in ways that encourage them to make their stay beneficial to the people that live here. We believe that given the opportunity many tourists would choose to do so anyway, and it’s a matter of helping them make those connections as easily as possible.”

e-bike tour
Erin McGrady

Local connection

There are tons of apps and blogs to help you figure out where to go and what to see in a new city, but how about putting your phone down for a few hours and engaging with another human being? This is one of the best reasons for booking an e-bike tour. (Or any tour for that matter.) It’s a great way to not only meet locals, but to also ask questions and hear about some of their top tips and secrets.

backcountry e-bike adventure

New Gear for Backcountry E-Bike Adventures

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Not all e-bike tours are centered around history. Some are designed around having a good time. The Greenville Adventure Company in Greenville, SC has an e-bike brewery crawl. “Our e-bike brewery crawl is a great way to see downtown Greenville and taste some of the city’s best beer,” says Devin Deholl, one of GAC’s founders. “We ride from Hampton Station to three to four of our favorite breweries in and around downtown. We ride on the Swamp Rabbit Trail and through Falls Park. The brewery crawl on e-bikes is a really fun way to see the city on our comfortable and easy e-bikes while tasting the best suds that Greenville has to offer.” This is the outfitter’s most popular trip and it’s not hard to see why.

e-bike tour operator
Erin McGrady

Safety and Support

Going on a tour with an e-bike company almost always means you have some built-in support should you have a problem with the bike or you’re just not feeling well. Some tour companies have a staff member ride as a sweep behind the last guest to make sure everyone can keep up. Many companies have a van or truck they can use to meet up with groups should a problem arise. The Flying Bike in Asheville, NC keeps cash in their first aid kit that their guides can use to provide an Uber or a cab for a guest, if necessary. The point is, if you’re on an e-bike tour you’re unlikely to get stranded. Plus, since you’re renting the bike, there’s no need to worry about maintaining it. You simply show up and go.

Rad Power Bikes blur

5 New E-Bikes for Urban Transportation

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