Handwashing with soap is most effective and impactful intervention

Diarrhea is mainly caused by eating infected foods or liquids and or person-to-person contact (mainly hand to hand then hand to mouth). Hand washing with soap is one of the most cost effective intervention. Hand wash and hygiene at key occasions specially before eating food and after toilet is important but not easy to practiceContinue reading “Handwashing with soap is most effective and impactful intervention”

Abhijeet P Sinha Publications

Abhijeet Sinha Article 1 Team  effectiveness  in Health are  Article on Geotag and its application on Project performamance Abhijeet P Sinha Google Scholar Link Abhijeet P Sinha Research Gate Link Publication  Year The power of coaching in making high performance organisation About Author AP Sinha EuroSciCon 14 (14th Edition International Health), 10, 2018 2018 E PosterContinue reading “Abhijeet P Sinha Publications”

Global Book Launch @Amazon.com

Abstract A соасh iѕ an individual whо directs and oversees the affairs оf a tеаm or a grоuр оf реорlе tо achieve a ѕеt аim. Hе iѕ оftеn timеѕ trаinеd and аt оthеr times juѕt аrmеd with natural talent fоr administration and motivation. A соасh, in fact, presides оvеr thе еntirе ореrаtiоnѕ of thе tеаmContinue reading “Global Book Launch @Amazon.com”