The Best Fall Running Gear to Transition Into Colder Weather

Ask any runner, and they’ll likely agree: fall running is the best. It’s when all that slogging through hot, humid summer miles pays off. The more the temperature drops, the faster you feel and the farther you can run (without melting into a puddle of sweat). In fact, the ideal temperature for racing a marathon is 43.2°F, according to French researchers who studied the finishing times of 1.8 million marathoners over a 10-year period. Of course, if you’re not running that far (or crazy fast), your body won’t heat up quite as much and you’ll benefit from slightly warmer temps. This season is a fleeting window where anything goes in terms of fall running gear.

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You can get away with shorts and a long sleeve top, tights and a tank, or even shorts and a tank with a pair of gloves just to keep your hands warm. Every runner heats up differently, so there are myriad ways to layer for a season when one day can hit the 70s and the next can drop to the 40s. Kit up in new fall running gear designed to keep you outdoors no matter what the temperature on your weather app says.

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The Best Fall Running Gear to Transition Into Colder Weather

1. Tracksmith Run Commute Jacket (above)

OK, maybe you’re not run-commuting to work for the foreseeable future, but you can still benefit from a multi-tasking fall jacket. Crafted from merino wool with four-way stretch and water-resistance woven right into the fabric, this tailored zip-up is naturally breathable, odor-resistant, and thermoregulating, making it perfect for logging miles in the shoulder season. As fall’s days get shorter, the reflective thread woven into the cuffs provides 360-degree reflectivity that will keep you safe whether you’re up running before sunrise or just strolling back to your car after an outdoor dinner.


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