Steph Curry Gives Bill Gates a Mock Job Interview (And Bill Shares a Few Secret Tips)

Best-known for his dagger three-point shot, NBA star Steph Curry has fielded thousands of questions from the media and reporters during his career. Now, Curry has decided he’s ready to swap roles.

This week, the Golden State Warriors star launched a new interview series on Youtube, State of Inspiration. His first guest was Bill Gates––not a bad start––and the interview primarily featured a thoughtful discussion about problems related to COVID-19 including food insecurity, education (remote learning), and unemployment.

However, it was the beginning of the interview that initially caught our attention. After a brief introduction, Curry asked Gates to participate in a mock job interview for a junior engineer position at Microsoft. Gates obliged and Curry proceeded to ask the billionaire philanthropist several common interview questions. Topics included why Gates would be a good fit for the position, strengths and weaknesses, and preferred compensation.

The exercise turned out to be very valuable. Gates’ provided viewers with an ideal example of how to answer those tricky questions. But did Steph Curry give him the job? See for yourself to find out.

Steph Curry Gives Bill Gates a Mock Job Interview (And Bill Shares a Few Secret Tips)

How to Nail a Job Interview

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