GLOBAL GOODWILL AMBASSADORS (GGA) are people from all walks of life who dedicate in full or part of their lives doing good works for the betterment of their community or ultimately, the world. Abhijeet P Sinha, Public Health enthusiast is appointed as Global Goodwill Ambassadors for India. He has more 16 years of work experience in Public Health in India, South Africa and United Kingdom. He has led large scale projects and programme has proven track record in Public health, Nutrition and WASH sector India and Globally.He has presented several papers in Global journals & key speaker invited in various International and National conferences. He is advisory member in leading National and Global health advisory committees and in editorial board of four reputed International Global health journals such as RSPH UK perspective in public health journal, imedpub and global health care journal USA. Abhijeet has done Post Graduate studies in Public Health and Management (PGDPHM) from Institute of Post Graduate medicine, Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS), University of Brighton, UK & PGDM-RM from XISS India. Abhijeet has been strongly advocating for integrating Nutrition and WASH programme in India. Abhijeet P Sinha is author of book in amazon the power of coaching in making high performance organization.

Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA)founder is Richard Di pilla and GGA has reach in more than 195 countries and has more than 9500 Global Goodwill Ambassadors globally. Dr Shakila in India Chairs Global Goodwill Ambassador for India Chapter. This is great inititaive recognises good people performing humanitarian work while promoting initiatives to serve the people who need them most.Living in peace and creating a global stable society is not very simple in a world with different cultures and growing inequality in economics terms and in terms of access to natural resources. Richard DiPilla, expert in strategy, communication and social media, has been trying to give a solution to this problem by creating an initiative (using the LinkedIn social media forum) called Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA). According to Richard, living in peace can only be attained through “understanding and acceptance of a diversified world.” The GGA initiative has a simple mission: to recognize people from every nation, race, color, and socio-economic caste, who do goodwill toward others. The only thing Global Goodwill Ambassadors looks at is the volunteering, charitable, or humanitarian works of any individual. From an initiative, founded four years ago a large structured group has emerged, with Global Ambassadors from every country and all walks of life. Abhijeet P Sinha said to The CSR times, ”I am thrilled and so pleased to be appoined as Global Goodwill Ambassadors from India, I would make sure i would follow the vision and values of GGA and significantly contribute to India Chapter”. He added both Dr Shakila and Richard are leading great initiative and he woould be joining hands together to make this world a better place.
Abhijeet P Sinha is RSPH UK fellow, Commonpurpose UK fellow,LDM Packard Fellow and he has gained several recognitions and also honorary Doctorate in Public Health by UOSF, washington DC and this Global Goodwill Ambassadors is surely a feather in his cap.



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