To improve the quality of care during and around the time of delivery WHO has recommend safe birth checklist. It is a simple paper-based tool that prompts health workers to follow 29 essential activities at key stages before, during and after delivery. This evidence led designed to reduce perinatal (first week of life) mortality and encourage wider adoption of the checklist as a framework for improving quality of care. In the Government of India launched aspirational district programme this will have directly impact in reducing maternal mortality, infant mortality and morbidity and improvement to improve the quality of maternal and new-born care. This tool has been used globally and in India and shown positive impact in reducing morbidity and mortality of mothers and newborn. In India, around 600,000 babies die every year during labour and the first two days of life. Progress over the last decade has been slow, with neonatal mortality dropping only 3% each yea. The essential birth practices are performed at critical moments during childbirth for every delivery, every time. Childbirth is characterized by events that are both routine and unexpected, and complications for the mother, the newborn, or both can happen unpredictably. While it is not possible to list on a single checklist all practices that are required at each birth, the Checklist does list a core set of practices that have been proven to reduce harm to mothers and newborns. We will take an endeavour to digitalise the use of this tool with mobile, tablets to schedule reminder on the practices. Staff nurses, Doctors and health staff will be trained on Safe mother hood project and digital tool. This requires different cadres with training of trainer approach and trained nurses on the use of Safe birth checklist to improve newborn practices and care. Many organizations in India and abroad have tested this toll and it has helped them reduce Maternal and Neonatal morbidity and mortality

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